I have enjoyed the Butter Bronzers so much I needed to see what these highlighters are all about.

Physician's Formula Butter Highlight - ReviewThey are $10.95 each, a bit steep for drugstore highlighters and come in four shades: “Rose Gold”, “Pink”, “Champagne”, and “Pearl”.

I picked up “Champagne” and “Pearl”, because they seemed like the most wearable shades offered.


“Ultra-luxurious and multi-dimensional cream-to-powder highlighter for a radiant Brazilian goddess glow! Lightweight, one-swipe, blendable coverage features ultra-refined pearls and soft-focus pigments that smooth skin texture, brighten skin tone and deliver a gorgeous highlighted finish.”

The products are cruelty free, paraben free, hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved. They are infused with Murumuru Butter, Cupuacu Butter, and Tucuma Butter (whatever those are…)?


The outside of this product has the same palm tree design as the Butter Bronzer, only WAY better packaging. It comes in a twist-off package, rather than a flip-open plastic one like the Bronzer and feels more luxurious. The product itself also has the same little wave-design as the Butter Bronzers and Blushes, which is super cute.

Physician's Formula Butter Highlighters - ReviewFORMULA

It is a mousse/cream formula and feels incredibly silky to the touch! It quite honestly feels like a fluffy little pillow. If you press your finger in too hard, it will dig deep into the product. I had just about the same initial reaction to this product as I did when I first tried the Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter “Wisp” which you can read here. They’re incredibly similar formulas. Colourpop stresses to make sure the twist-off lid is secure, so that the product doesn’t dry out… I’m assuming it’s the same with the Butter Highlighters.

They also have the same tropical coconut scent as the Butter Blush and Bronzers, which is delicious.


I have been treating these products like a true liquid highlighter, and typically applying them to the high-point areas before going in with powder, once my foundation and concealer are complete. I usually prefer to use a Morphe pointed highlighter brush when going in for any highlight that I use, but this one may be a bit more challenging to use with a brush since it’s more of a cream formula, and we don’t want to move any of the foundation that we have already laid down.

I recommend going in with your finger (and use a light touch because you’ll pick up a lot of product since the formula feels so creamy) and dot the product onto the areas that you want it, and then go back over and blend it in using patting motions with a clean sponge. I’ve tried a bunch of different ways to apply this and I found that this was the best way.

When I used a brush, I found it to be more streaky, and it blended in with the foundation that was already on my face and made it look dry, and less like an actually highlighted area on the skin. This also happened if I went over it with the sponge that I had used to apply my foundation… It would coat the highlight with foundation over the top, and just make it look like a dry patch on the skin.

I also recommend setting it with another highlighter. You don’t have to do this, especially if you have dry skin, however I found that it made the highlight last longer and I could get more of the shade I was going for. Since the “Pearl” shade is so white, I could use a more true champagne powder highlighter over the top (BECCA “Moonstone” is a good one) and then that would make it look not as stark white against my skin.

They look very natural (aside from the shades), and can be built up to be super bright, if you like to be seen from outer space. They give a gorgeous “wet-look” to the skin. I don’t find them to accentuate pores, however I would not use them directly on any dry patches, texture or large pore areas.

Physician's Formula Butter Highlight - Review
“Champagne” (gold shade) | “Pearl” (silver shade)


I found this product to last just about all day on my skin, especially when I set it with another powder highlighter. I ran into an issue of it staying when I tried to blend it in after applying it. The best way to get it to stay the longest is to dab it and pat it in, don’t blend.


The pigmentation on these bad-boys is phenomenal. You can absolutely tell which color you have applied, which is why I recommend using a light hand when going in with these.


The packaging, and formula of this product definitely remind me a lot of the Colourpop Highlighters. I wish there were other color options available that weren’t as white or gold, and instead, more of a true champagne color, in which I would use it daily.

If you have very fair skin, you will probably really enjoy the “Pearl” shade, which is more of a stark white. I also would not recommend this for someone who has very oily skin, or at the very least, I’d recommend setting it with a powder highlighter over the top. If you have dry skin, you could absolutely get away with just using this without setting it.

I really like the formulas themselves, they’re suuuuper creamy and give the skin a gorgeous highlighted effect and last all day.

What do you think? Have you tried these highlighters?

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