I definitely don’t clean my makeup brushes as much as I should. It’s actually more time consuming than you would think, but WHEN I clean my makeup brushes, here’s how I do it (and I found a quick and easy way).

I have a lot of makeup brushes. Any no, I don’t mean like 5 or 10. I mean like 35… at least. On any given day, I probably use about 10 between all of my face and eye brushes. But when it comes to cleaning them all, it’s a process. But I’ve figured out a way to be more efficient.

I lay out all of my makeup brushes and I’ll first decide which ones need it the most. Usually this is the face and eye brushes that I use on a daily basis and I’ll start with those first. Priorities. Am I right?

How I Clean my Makeup Brushes

I will usually do this in the evening before I go to sleep so I can make sure that they’re going to be dry the next morning when I need them. If you want to clean them during the day, obviously just make sure your makeup is complete and you won’t need any of the brushes for several hours.

I have a few different brush cleaners, and it all depends on what you prefer.  Most often for a deep clean I will use the Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo because it’s gentle and gets all of the makeup out (and let’s be honest it’s cheap), but if you just need a quick clean, you can use a brush spray (I use the Clinique Makeup Brush Cleanser for quick spot cleaning).

I usually will take 2-3 brushes with similar shapes and clean them at the same time (because lazy girl problems), dispense the brush shampoo into the bristles, trying to get it as deep as I can (is that what she said?) to make sure I’m able to get all of the makeup out that’s been accumulating over the week.

I then use my Brush Bar Brush Board to swirl each of the brushes against the textured patterns (I used to use my palm before I got this product), which get the shampoo deep into the bristles (and I get to keep my hands clean…how about that!?)

How I Clean my Makeup Brushes
After applying the Baby Shampoo to the brush bristles, I swirl them along the textured patterns to remove the makeup.

Then after about a minute or so, I will continue to swirl the makeup brushes on the Brush Board under the sink water to make sure all of the makeup comes out.

As a note, when storing your makeup brushes to dry, you want to be sure that you’re positioning them pointing downwards… as in, the bristles are facing the ground. This prevents the water from getting into the ferrule (the part that connects the handle to the bristles). If water gets in there, over time it will loosen the glue that holds the brush together, and the brush will fall apart (it’s happened to me a gazillion times).

I use the Brush Bar to store all of my important makeup brushes.  You simply pop the brush facing downwards into each clasp that’s attached to the board and it hangs esthetically on the side of your sink while the bristles dry and prevent damage to the brushes.

How I Clean my Makeup Brushes

How I Clean my Makeup Brushes
Using the Brush Board to hand my brushes facing downwards while they dry

Then the next morning when I wake up, the brushes are dry and can be used for my makeup application.

How I Clean my Makeup Brushes

I fold up my Brush Bar and store it in the bottom drawer of the bathroom vanity cabinets. I’m considering picking up another Brush Bar so that I can store more of my brushes to dry at one time.

Voilà! Quick and easy, right?

The Brush Bar was also kind enough to offer you all a coupon code in case you’re interested in picking up some of their products to clean your makeup brushes! Click here and enter code SOFIT15 to save some money at checkout!

How I Clean my Makeup Brushes

How do you like to clean your makeup brushes?

Thanks for Reading!

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by the Brush Bar, though the Board and Bar were kindly sent to me as PR samples for Review. All opinions always remain my own. 





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