12 effective (and awesome) evening habits that you can incorporate into your nighttime routine to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

12 Evening Habits to Get IntoI’m a night owl. Lately I’ve found myself binge watching the latest season of Scandal, or working on my laptop late into the night, I’ve been struggling to fall asleep (true life of an over-thinker I suppose). I’m trying to reestablish a healthy night routine to wind down from a long day of work and fall asleep (and stay asleep). If you’re like me or are looking to establish a healthier evening routine, here’s what I recommend:

1. Let Go of Today

If it was a bad day, let it be and don’t bring it into your evening. Do a mini-evaluation of the day. Did you get everything done you needed to? Was there anything that made the day less than great? Go through and evaluate the different aspects of your day, and then accept it for what it was, and let it go.

2. Read a Positive Book

Reading before bed is a great way to wind down from a long day. I prefer Personal Development books that make me feel good about myself and strong and happy to end the day. I’ve been reading this one.

12 Evening Habits to Get Into

3. Take an Evening Yoga Class

Find an evening restorative yoga class or even pop in a DVD in your own space and just find “one” with yourself. Feel free to light some candles and dim the lights.

4. Turn Off Your Electronics

Take a break from the screen. I’m guilty of working on my computer late into the night. Put your electronics away (or on Do Not Disturb).

5. Wash Your Face Right Away

Get your makeup off right when you get home and put on some comfy clothes and prepare for bed. You’ll feel more comfortable than staying in your work clothes and makeup you’ve worn all day long. This is my favorite thing to do as soon as I walk in the door!

6. Light Some Candles + Make some tea

Lighting candles around the house sets the stage for having a calm and quiet night in. I also like to make myself a cup of sleepytime tea.

7. Avoiding the “Infinite Scroll”

Social Media has a funny way of sucking us out of a calm place. Stop scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed and put the phone down. This is about YOU time.

8. Implement a Nighttime Pamper Routine

I like to do “at home” facials 1-2 nights a week. Pick out your favorite face mask and bubble bath and make a night of it. Read this post to see what I do for my evening pamper nights.

9. Download a Soothing Playlist

Find a yoga playlist on Spotify that doesn’t have any words. Here is one that I listen to often.

10. Allow yourself to relax and recharge

Don’t bring a crappy day into a crappy night. Refer to #1.

11. Stretch or Meditate

Find a place on your bedroom floor or on a rug and stretch or mediate. Think about all the things you’re thankful and grateful for.

12. Plan out Tomorrow

Writing tomorrow’s to-do list gets it off of your mind and onto paper, that way you won’t be thinking about it when you should be sleeping. I am often guilty of this.

12 Evening Habits to Get Into

What evening habits or routines do you have? Let me know in the comments below.

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Jennifer Mahoney

Does wine count as an evening habit that helps sleep? ?