I’ve been using my new H2O+ Beauty skincare products for a little over a month now and ladies and gentlemen we may have ourselves a winner!

Let me start off by saying I am VERY picky when it comes to skincare… but I’m am esthetician so I guess that could just go without saying, right? I picked up these products about two months ago and have been putting them to the test. As we go through this review, for your reference, my skin is dry/dehydrated, sensitive and easily irritated (red flushing). I tend to get more oily throughout the day in my t-zone only, and have more enlarged pores in that area. H2O+ Skincare Review

If you’re new here, I recommend you read this blog post first, then come back and read this one.


Last time I spoke about this nighttime moisturizer, I mentioned that it was a gel formula and I wasn’t a huge fan of it. I think I may have had a change of heart, ya’ll. I typically prefer more of a cream for my dry dehydrated skin, rather than a gel. I’m not a fan of the consistency and the fact that my face feels uber sticky afterwards. This doesn’t make my skin feel greasy and I don’t mind that my skin feels a bit tacky after application – I actually feel like it holds my makeup on longer if I apply it underneath. It also feels very cooling on the skin and a little bit of this product goes a long way. The packaging seems small, but you only need a little bit on your fingertips to cover your entire face. I also feel that it doesn’t enlarge my pores in my t-zone area which happens A LOT with thicker, more oil-based moisturizers.

H2O+ Skincare Review
H2O+ Oasis | Ultra Hydrating Cream


I like this moisturizer. I do. It’s lightweight and feels hydrating, I just wish it was a liiiiiiitle thicker. To me it feels more like a face lotion, but I like more of a cream…if that makes sense. It works great under makeup and I love that it has SPF 15 included in it so that I don’t have to apply another product with sunscreen.

I really like that the packaging has a pump, that way I feel like I’m not repeatedly sticking my fingers in it, but the packaging label has begun to rub off. I actually prefer the H2O+ packaging that they previously had before this, it just felt a little more luxurious.

H2O+ Skincare Review
H2O+ Daily Defense Moisturizer SPF 15


As you can tell from the last post about this line, I have used this all up! I liked it, I just don’t know if I could tell a huge different from using it to not using it. Since it’s been empty, I haven’t repurchased a full-size because I wanted to be able to see if I could tell a difference in not using it, and I’m not sure I have been able to.

In my routine, I’d use this as my serum. I’d apply cleanser, eye cream, this product, and then follow with a moisturizer. Though I didn’t see a night and day change when I stopped using this, I am probably going to purchase the hydrating serum next to see if I like that better than this, but overall, they seem pretty similar.

H2O+ Skincare Review
H2O+ Oasis | Hydrating Treatment (sample size shown)


Why do they always give you the best sample products in the tiniest containers? I liked using this product, but the sample size I received was too small to even be able to have an opinion on whether not it actually does what it says – firming the chin and neck area. I am curious about this one though – I may have to splurge and buy the full size, as I’ve heard pretty good things!

H2O+ Skincare Review
H2O+ Infinity+ | Chin and Neck Firmer (sample size shown)

My overall thoughts

Honestly, I really love this line of products. I went from having dry, flaky skin on my face to more even and hydrated skin and my makeup is less cakey and dry looking. I incorporate a couple more products into my every day skincare routine, but these are staples for me! (More coming on my current skincare routine soon). I really feel like these products have truly changed my skin and given it the hydration that it needed to badly. Living in Colorado, it’s very dry here and the winter months are brutal on my skin. My favorites from this line are definitely the Oasis Daily Defense Moisturizer with SPF 15 and the Oasis Ultra Hydrating Cream. I use them EVERY day.

I am really looking forward to trying out more products from this line like the masks and anti-aging products.

If you missed my H2O+ Beauty skincare haul and are wondering about the prices, ingredients and how to use each product, go back and read this post.

Have you tried any of the H2o+ beauty products? What do you think of them?Thanks for Reading!


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