Summer isn’t over yet! And before I head off to the pool so soak up some sun while it’s still hot out, let me leave you with my top 10 summer skincare essentials that you can take with you into the fall season!

Top 10 Summer Skincare Essentials

During the hot months, I have to completely switch up my summer skincare routine from the winter time. Cold weather and wind means I am using a lot more heavy products on my skin, but in the summertime and even into fall when the weather is still warm, I get to strip down the number of products that I use and opt for lighter-weight options! Here we go with my top ten summertime must-haves!

1. SPF

This is HANDS-DOWN the most important product needed in your summer beauty routine. No matter what skin type you have or how your skin responds to sun, you need a sunscreen! 80% of all skin aging is due to sun damage. There are a lot of different types of SPF that you an get in different products! Even if you don’t apply it to your entire body, DO NOT skip your face.

2. Tinted Moisturizer

Ditch the heavy full-coverage foundations for a lighter alternative. Tinted moisturizers are great for the summer months when the weather is hot and more humid. You get a much more natural “glowy” look. Feel free to set it with a light powder, so it doesn’t melt off of your face at the first sign of sweat.

3. Oil-Free Moisturizer

Even though it’s hot outside and your skin may be soaking up the moisture in the air, it’s still important to moisturize your face! During the colder, more dry months, I use a heavier cream moisturizer in the morning and evening, but in the summer, I opt for a lighter moisturizer in the A.M..

4. Faux Tan

I am one of those people that are so fair that laying out in the sun doesn’t even do much for creating a real summer tan. Being an esthetician, I know the damage the sun does to the skin over time, so I have switched to faux tanning! Anything from airbrush tans at the salon every couple weeks to applying my own self-bronzing lotion. It’s a skincare must for me!

5. Anti-Humidity Hairspray

If you’re anything like me where your hair turns into a frizz-fest as the first sign of humidity in the air, this is a necessity. Keep those gorgeous locks in place and frizz-free by spritzing some anti-humidity hairspray as a final touch to your hair routine every morning before leaving the house.


Summer Skincare Essentials

6. Exfoliant

I use a mechanical exfoliator (has little rough particles in it) every couple of days no matter which season it is. Exfoliators work to slough off the dead skin cells revealing new skin. Don’t forget to incorporate an exfoliant in your summer skin routine! With all the sweat and dirt that accumulates in the pores of your skin throughout the day, it’s an important step and can be used in the morning or at night!

7. Mattifyer

If you have oily skin (I have very dry skin), a mattifyer may be necessary. A mattifyer can come in the form of a makeup product, such as a powder, a primer, or a liquid, and works to keep the skin from getting overly-oily throughout the day. Incorporate this little number in your morning routine if you find that your skin tends to get oily during the day.

8. Bronzer

One of my all-time favorite makeup products to use in the summertime! I like to use a shimmery bronzer on my face as a finisher for my makeup routine in the mornings – it really adds a healthy soft glow to the skin and gives the illusion of a flawless face and bronzed skin.

HOW TO: I dust the bronzer over my contour, across the top of my forehead at the hairline, lightly on each side of my nose, and jaw area, dragging onto the neck.

9. Shave Cream

Sometimes in the winter, I let my leg shaving go for maybeee a little too long in between sessions, but hey, I’m single and wear pants every day when it’s cold out so no one has to know right!? Not in the summer time! It’s shorts-season and daily leg-shaving is a must. I also go for a gentle shave cream that doesn’t contain a lot of sulfates. Sulfates are preservatives and are present in most skincare products that have a reasonable shelf-life, but also can strip a faux tan. I avoid products with sulfates as much as possible to prolong my tan as long as I can!

10. Fun Nails!

During the summer, I also opt for more fun nail colors! In the winter I tend to stick with neutrals, greys, and darker hues, but summer is my time to switch it up and have a little more fun!


What are your top warm-month skincare essentials and go-to products!? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading!

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