My top 10 songs for the perfect summer workout playlist to get you through your fitness routine whether outside or in the gym.

Would you believe me if I told you that I just now downloaded Spotify? I’ve been resisting for months. I was the one who would still listen to the free version of Pandora Radio with the commercials that would come on every two minutes. Talk about killing my vibe at the gym. But I finally caved after seeing so many of my friends who had it just rave about it. So here we are.

In the summertime, like a lot of you, I’m sure, like to get out and so some of my workouts outside. I’ll run (more like ‘try’ to run – let’s be honest-), do plyos, and HIIT workouts whenever I can. You probably know just as well as I do that sometimes it’s a challenge to get through a workout when you’re just not feeling it. I rely on my music A LOT to get me pumped up to break a sweat.

Summer Workout Playlist

Here are my top 10 favorite what-I-listen-to-every-day workout jams that you need to add to your workout playlist this summer.


I listen to these while I’m foam rolling and stretching before my workout. I’ll also usually do either dynamic stretches or hop on a treadmill for 5-10 minutes to warm up beforehand, so these songs get me pumped to start my actual workout.

Love – Kendrick Lamar (ft. zacari)

(Kendrick Lamar is going to be a reoccurring theme in this post FYI)

loyalty – kendrick lamar

Because Kendrick Lamar.

unforgettable – french montana


The songs that get me through the hard part. I like songs with a good beat so that I can go as hard as I can, but still keep up my energy.

party monster – the weeknd

Normally I’m actually not a huge fan of The Weeknd. I don’t mind listening to the songs on the radio, but I never actually download them. Something about this one though really gets me pumped.


“….Imma make it look sexy…”

every day – ariana grande

I have been loving this girl’s songs lately.

side to side – ariana grande

This song isn’t “new” by any means, but I love love love it. Somehow it makes me feel like a badass in the gym. Like walking into the weight room with attitude ready to lift some heavy shtufff…lol.

2u – justin bieber (ft. david guetta)

Sorry not sorry, but I love this song. J-Biebs, you make some good jams.


These are the songs that I listen to while I’m winding down from my workout and stretching out.

scared to be lonely – martin garrix


This song just gets me feeling some type of way.



This song is very new, but I instantly loved it when I heard it on the radio. Constantly on replay.

I hope you enjoyed my playlist! These are the songs that get played, never fail, at least once during every single workout of mine.

If you do have Spotify, you can find and download my entire playlist HERE

What songs are on your summer workout playlist?

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