Hey fam! How’s everyone’s week going? I’m bringing you a new workout on this Wednesday morning and it’s all about that 6-pack! Continue reading for my quick and dirty 5-minute core circuit.

One of the things I’ve learned throughout rehabbing my back and hip area is how important it is to train the abs! A lot of people say, “abs are made in the kitchen”, and while part of that is true, part of it is also a little vague. Let me clear things up. Losing weight and getting/staying lean is 80% what you eat, and 20% how you train, so it’s safe to say that nutrition is prettttyyyyy important in the process – that is very true. Losing weight and being lean is truly what reveals abs (that’s where the kitchen comes in), but it’s not the only thing that gets you that sexy 6-pack — but neither is doing a gazillion crunches.

So I say we change the phrase to “abs are revealed in the kitchen, but strengthened in the gym.”

The abs are part of the entire core of the body and it’s really important to train them and make that area stable and strong. For any of my clients, I have always trained them by doing balance and core work FIRST, and focused on building those two areas BEFORE anything else — you can’t build a strong house without first starting with a strong foundation, am I right? Balance and having a strong core help to stabilize the entire body and avoid injuries down the line.

Moral of the story, don’t neglect the core, kids!

So in honor of #WorkoutWednesday and getting that strong and sexy midsection, here’s a quick and dirty 5-minute core workout for ya’ll that also gets your heart rate up and burns extra calories!

You can copy and print the image for an on-the-go workout or pin it to Pinterest to save it for later.

5-Minute Core Circuit

How did it go!? Feeling strong!? Don’t forget to regularly train your abs and incorporate core and balance work into your normal fitness routine.

Let me know in the comments below your favorite core workouts! I want to know!

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